CS 6170: Computational Topology

Topological Data Analysis: The New Frontier of Data Science

Spring 2017

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Schedule (subject to change, guest lectures marked with a *)

Book chapters
Handouts and Comments
1 1/10 Introduction Special Topics Lecture 01
1/12 Basics: graphs, connected components A.I Lecture 02 Scribe 02
Tim Sodergren
2 1/17 Basics: topological spaces, union-find A.II Lecture 03 Scribe 03
Jessica Lohse
1/19 Complexes on data;
Application: sensor networks
A.III Lecture 04 [Quiz 1] [Quiz 1 Solution] Scribe 04
Jadon Wagstaff
3 1/24 Simplicial Complexes A.III Lecture 05 Scribe 05
Prem Narayanan
1/26 Vietoris-Rips, Cech, Delaunay and Alpha Complexes B.IV Lecture 06 Scribe 06
Sam Leventhal
4 1/31 Homotopy equivalence, manifold A.II Lecture 07 Scribe 07
Avani Sharma and Navid Farhoudi
2/2 Homology B.IV Lecture 08 Scribe 08
Celeste Hollenbeck
5 2/7 Persistent homology in a nutshell;
Application: TDA for brain networks*
Special Topics Lecture 09 [Youtube: Introduction to Persistent Homology By Matthew Wright] [Persistent Homology of Complex Networks] [Kernel Partial Least Squares Regression for Relating Functional Brain Network Topology to Clinical Measures of Behavior] Scribe 09
Vipin Jose
2/9 Cohomology in a nutshell, dimension reduction with circular coordinates; Application: memory reference frame analysis* Special Topics Lecture 10 [Topological Analysis and Visualization of Cyclical Behavior in Memory Reference Traces ] [Branching and Circular Features in High Dimensional Data] [Persistent Cohomology and Circular Coordinates] Scribe 10
Adam Conkey
6 2/14 Computing persistent homology C.VII Lecture 11 Scribe 11
Kevin Childers
2/16 Computing homology B.IV Lecture 12 Scribe 12
Waiming Tai
7 2/21 Computing homology and persistent homology, revisited Lecture 13 Scribe 13
Sahar Mehrpour
2/23 Duality between homology and cohomology B.V Lecture 14 [Quiz 2] [Quiz 2 Solution] Scribe 14
Drew McClelland
8 2/28 Persistent homology for large data: software packages* Special Topics Lecture 15 [Miniproject 1 (Due Mar 21)]
[Project Description] [Datasets]
Scribe 15
Paul English
3/2 Persistent homology for large data: spectral sequence, clear and compress* Special Topics Lecture 16 [Persistent Homology Computation with a Twist] [Clear and Compress: Computing Persistent Homology in Chunks] [Distributed Computation of Persistent Homology] Scribe 16
Zahra Fahimfar
9 3/7 Morse function B.VI Lecture 17 Scribe 17
Yiliang Shi and Benwei Shi
3/9 Morse lemma and Reeb graph B.VI Lecture 18 Scribe 18
Mohammed Musaddiq and Justin Boyer
10 3/14 Happy Spring Break! Start thinking about final project no later than this date!
3/16 Happy Spring Break!
11 3/21 Piecewise linear function and computing Reeb graph B.VI Lecture 19 Scribe 19
Adam Brown
3/23 Multivariate data analysis: mapper Special Topics Lecture 20 [Topological Methods for the Analysis of High Dimensional Data Sets and 3D Object Recognition] [Extracting Insights from the Shape of Complex Data Using Topology] [Topology based data analysis identifies a subgroup of breast cancers with a unique mutational profile and excellent survival] Scribe 20
Gurupragaash Annasamymani
12 3/28 More on mapper Special Topics Lecture 21 [Final Project Proposal Due]
Start final project no later than this date!
Scribe 21
Zhimin Li
3/30 Stability of persistence diagrams C.IX
Special Topics
Lecture 22 [Stability of Persistence Diagrams] Scribe 22
Ramkashyap Seethamraju
13 4/4 Elevation for protein docking Special Topics Lecture 23 [Extreme Elevation on a 2-Manifold] [Coarse and Reliable Geometric Alignment for Protein Docking] [Computing Elevation Maxima by Searching the Gauss Sphere ] Scribe 23
Will Usher
4/6 More on Elevation function; Reeb space Special Topics Lecture 24 [Quiz 3] [Quiz 3 Solution] [Elevation in a nutshell] Scribe 24
Di Wang
14 4/11 Data Science for Topologists Special Topics Lecture 25 [Data Science for Topologists: By Jennifer Gamble] [Topological Complexity in Protein Structure: By Erica Flapan] Talks at AWM Research Symposium WinCompTop Special Session: Applications of Topology and Geometry April 8-9, 2017 Scribe 25
Qi Wu
4/13 TDA for vector field data Special Topics Lecture 26 [Robustness for VF Simplification] Scribe 26
Michael Matheny
15 4/18 Persistent local homology and its applications Special Topics Lecture 27 [Local Homology Transfer and Stratification Learning] Scribe 27
Pavol Klacansky
4/20 Persistent local homology and its applications Special Topics Lecture 28 [Exploring Persistent Local Homology in Topological Data Analysis] Scribe 28
Matthew Territo
16 4/25 Morse-Smale Complexes
Scalable TDA via sparsification*
Special Topics Lecture 29 [Quiz 4] [ Hierarchical Morse-Smale Complexes for Piecewise Linear 2-Manifolds ] [Lecture notes by Guoning Chen] [MSC in nutshell] [A Geometric Perspective on Sparse Filtrations] Scribe 29
Sheyne Anderson and Dietrich Geisler
17 5/1 Final Project Presentation Day 1 1:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. WEB 3840
5/2 Final Project Presentation Day 2 1:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. WEB 3840
5/3 Final Project Due 11:59 p.m.
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