Bioengineering/Physiology 6000:
System Physiology I: Cardiovascular,
Respiratory, and Renal Systems
Spring of 2014 Edition
Note: this class makes heavy use of Canvas for submission of all assignments.


Spring 2014 Deadlines and Dates

Here are the current (and past) deadlines for the class.

Important Course Information

If you have questions about the course please contact Rob MacLeod for any questions.

Course Lecture Notes

Test Information

Laboratory Exercises

Lab # Date Topic/Description Links/Data/Comments
1 Friday/Monday, Jan 10/13 Dissection of bovine heart/lungs (in pdf version) Comments on lab reports (pdf)
2 Friday/Monday, Feb 7/10 Regulation of heart rate and contraction (frog) Comments on lab reports (pdf)
3 Friday/Monday, Feb 21/24 ECG lab Lab notes
4 Friday, March 7 in HSEB 3100C Simulation Lab, ECG simulation
5 Friday/Monday, April 4/7 Exercise and blood pressure Lab explanation slides
6 Friday/Monday, April 18/21 Pulmonary function Lab notes

Homework/Lab Assignments

Ground rules and tips for the homework assignments (applies also to lab reports and the term paper).

Link to MATLAB information

The Assignments

  1. Homework Assignment #1 Simulation of cardiac action potentials.

Semester Project

This year, there are two options for the semester project, both with equal value and so please choose one of them only!.

  1. There is a term project (PDF) for the course that is due at the end of the semester (see deadline list , above). Note that the proposal/outline for the project is due beforehand. Please feel free to contact RSM for questions as you develop the outline and ideas for the paper.
  2. There is a new assignment for this year based on the CircAdapt simulator. As this new, there is not so much in the way of background material available. So please ask the instructor for more information after we have discussed this option in class.


Additional background information.

Please do visit this link as it contains lots of related resources to cardiac physiology.

Previous Year's Notes

Note: these are pdf files from the previous year's edition of the course. They will change at least slightly from year to year so use the current versions (above) if you are taking the class!

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