Background Links for Rob's Electrophysiology Courses

These are links to information and resources that seem to come up in all the electrophysiology courses I teach. Some will be more or less relevant than others but this way, there is only one place to maintain and update.

Links to the Courses

Miscellaneous Logistical Information

Information on Writing

I also teach writing and presentation courses, but this is another topic. (-:

Additional Books

General Physiology

Cardiovascular Physiology

Bioelectricity and Modeling

Cardiology and Medicine

Cardiovascular/Respiration/Renal Physiology Resources

Bioelectricity and Electrophysiology Resources

ECG Resources

Heart Illnesses

Images, Photos, Anatomy

Biomedical Signal Processing Links

Simulations and Animations

Odds and Sods

Organizations and Societies

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