Dr. Martin Berzins

Dr. Martin Berzins - SCI Faculty Member

Professor of Computer Science

WEB 4803
phone (801) 585-1545
fax (801) 581-5843
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Martin comes to SCI from the University of Leeds in the UK where he was Professor of Scientific Computing and Research Dean for Engineering. He earned his PhD in Computer Science at Leeds in 1981. He has worked in the fields of mathematical software, numerical analysis, parallel computing and more recently problem solving environments and grid computing. Much of Martin's work has centered around solving challenging applications problems in computational fluid dynamics, combustion, atmospheric modeling and lubrication modeling.

Research Interests

  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration across Computer Science, Engineering, Biological Sciences and Applied Math
  • High Performance Computing and parallel programming
  • Adaptive computational algorithms in scientific computing
  • Problem solving environments and grid computing