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Here are some links to information about my climbing activities. I have been climbing since 1971.

An important question is whether or not the climbing bunny is happy?
  • Visit the climbing Bunny

  • In the 1970s and 80 a lot of my climbing was in Yorkshire or in the Lake District in the UK.

    Some of the 1970s climbing is well-documented in Chris Hamper's excellent autobiography which may be found at
  • Chris Hamper The part describing the University of Leeds is pages 43-66

    Some later activities in the 1980a are described in Tony Burnell's article in the Fell and Rock Journal
  • Well Oiled Machine

    An out of print book Extreme Rock has a number of articles and pictures that talk about the climbing I did with a small group of friends.
  • Extreme Rock Fragment

    A lot of my climbing was in the Lake District in the UK. Here's one article written by Steve Crowe about one cliff I spent some time at
  • Dove Crag

    A recent book about the history of climbing on Scafell in the English Lake District has a good description of Lake District Climbing:
  • Nowt but a fleein thing

    Here's the cover and a picture taken by Al Phizacklea of one of the routes that I did the first ascent of.
    A similar picture is the frontispiece of the book.

    This climb was rated on UK climbing as one of the best in its grade in the United Kingdom.
  • Best E6s in the UK?

    A summary of these activities appeared in the book World Mountaineering edited by Audrey Salkeld
  • Scafell Summary
    Recent Routes here in the US are on Mountain Projects

  • Bear Creek Idaho

  • Echo Canyon Mill Creek
    An ancient TV clip and a more recent Youtube clip below shows some of the kind of climbing I did in the UK in Yorkshire.

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