Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
72 So. Central Campus Drive Room 3750
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

(801) 585-1867
(801) 585-6513

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Academic Collaboration:
Chris Johnson - Director

Industry Collaboration:
Dr. Greg Jones - Associate Director

Nathan Galli - Media Manager

Graduate Studies:
School of Computing Admissions

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Finding your destination at SCI

SCI 3rd Floor Map
Warnock Engineering 3rd Floor

Merrill Engineering Building

Most visitor destinations at SCI are found on the 3rd floor. If you're here to see a seminar or attend a large meeting, most are held in the Evans Conference Room, WEB 3780. As you exit the elevator, the reception area is straight ahead. Turn left at the reception desk and proceed south down the hallway. The doors to the Evans Conference Room will be on the right about 2/3 of the way down the hall.

Smaller meetings may be held in the Jones Conference room, WEB 3840. It is found directly to your left as you exit the elevator.

MRL Labs

Dr. Jeff Weiss' Musculoskeletal Research Laboratories are on the 2nd floor in the north east corner of the Merrill Engineering Building, which is just north and slightly west of the Warnock building. A very large parking lot is on the north side of the MEB. If you enter the building from the parking lot at the north-east entrance with the small stairway, Dr. Weiss' office will be just down the hall a couple of doors to your right.