Technical Research and Development

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The Estimation TRD is concerned with the determination of biomedically meaningful parameters and values, which are either outputs of the other CIBC TRDs or are needed as inputs or parameters for those TRDs. The Estimation TRD is closely tied to the general… Read more
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In the context of the CIBC, simulation is defined as the prediction of the behavior of cells, tissues, and organs under simplifying assumptions over known anatomical domains in response to predetermined boundary or initial conditions. The overall goal of the… Read more

Image Based Modeling

The Image-Based Modeling TRD addresses the goal of using image data to construct geometric models effective for simulation, visualization, and quantitative analysis. While 3D images typically consist of regular hexahedral grids of measured data, models are… Read more
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The purpose of scientific visualization is to help researchers gain insight into measured or simulated data by providing cutting-edge visualization research and software to biomedical scientists. The goals of the CIBC Visualization technology research and… Read more