Driving Biological Projects

high resolution eeg
High-Resolution Source Imaging from EEG
Collaborating Investigator:
Dr. Don Tucker, Electrical Geodesics Inc. and University of Oregon
Simulation of Cardiac Defibrillation 

Collaborating Investigators:
John Triedman, MD, Children's Hospital Boston
Matt Jolley, MD, Stanford University
Tom Pilcher, University of Utah

atrial fibrillation
Image-based Management of Atrial Fibrillation

Collaborating Investigators: Nassir Marrouche MD, Chris McGann MD
deep brain stimulation
Simulation of Deep Brain Stimulation
Collaborating Investigator:
Christopher R. Butson, Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

hip displaysia
Statistical and Biomechanical Analysis of Hip Dysplasia

Collaborating Investigators: Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, Dr. Andrew Anderson
pediatric epilepsy
Bayesian Source Imaging of Pediatric Epilepsy
Collaborating Investigator:
Simon Warfield, Director of the Computational Radiology Laboratory

Previous DBPs:

Simulation of Electric Stimulation for Bone Growth
Collaborating Investigators: Roy Bloebaum, Brad Isaacson
small animal phenotyping
Image-Based Small-Animal Phenotyping

Collaborating Investigators: Charles Keller, MD, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio