Tolga Tasdizen

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
Adjunct Professor,
Computer Science
University of Utah

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Office: WEB 4893
Email: tolga at


4/21/2020 We received a seed grant from the University of Utah's 3i Initiative to develop an infectious respiratory disease outbreak early detection system using routine chest x-rays and machine learning
3/26/2020 Our NIH NIBIB R21 proposal A scalable non-intrusive image annotation method using eye tracking for training deep learning models in radiology was funded
1/27/2029 I presented our work on Neural Network Models for Neighborhood Effects Research at Applied Machine Learning Days
9/23/2019 Ricardo Lanfredi will be presenting our paper Adversarial regression training for visualizing the progression of COPD with chest x-rays at MICCAI 2019
9/4/2019 Mehran Javanmardi successfully defended his PhD dissertation