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Here are some documentation pieces I have done or installed for programs and procedures.

CVRTI and SCI Institute Software

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map3d Visualization Program

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Other CVRTI Software


Unix utilities for OSX

MacPorts is the tool for managing all your Unix utilities on the Mac! Here are some steps.
  1. Install XCode tools from your system DVD under the Optional Installed or from the Apple developers' website
  2. Go to the MacPorts website and download and installed the binary version of the programs needed on your Mac. (shortcut )
  3. Read the rest of the instructions on the MacPorts help page . They are a little tedious but also one-time affair.
  4. Perform a self update of the MacPort software itself
         sudo port selfupdate
  5. Install away!
         sudo port install  progr_name
    Where the progr_name is whatever you need to install, e.g., emacs, texlive, latex2html, etc.


Other Topics

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