Time Series File Naming Conventions
Draft Document

Rob MacLeod

With the growing number of time series files we are creating with the new graphicsio format, comes the need for a convention to name them. Similar conventions on the past have make .raw and .pak files manageable in the past and it seems we should develop the same system now. This is a draft suggestion for such a scheme.

The Convention

Wherever possible, we should name time series files as follows:



For managing these files, I have recently (like half an hour ago) written a program to list the contents of the headers for .tsdf files. For more information, surf over to tsdir

Editorial Comments

The main goal of this standard is to avoid huge filenames and also to come as close to sure that all filenames are globally unique. This means that a file can live in any directory, on any disk and still be uniquely identifiable. Depending on the subdirectory name seems dangerous to me, especially as we start to merge files from different experiments in the same place for the purpose of a larger study or meta analysis.

Now is the time to discuss this and I hope you all make suggestions. Please at least give it some thought and make suggestions. Especially if you decide you do not want to use it, let us know why.

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Time Series File Naming Conventions
Draft Document

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