tsdir Program

Rob MacLeod

The tsdir program creates a directory listing of time series data (.tsdf) files. It is similar to the tapedir program on the Vax, but works for the new file format in the graphicsio format.


tsdir [-v -l] tsdf-filenames

Some common examples of who to use tsdir.

To list all the tsdf files ina directory:

   tsdir *.tsdf

to redirect the output to a file:

   tsdir *.tsdf > mylist.text

or have the input scroll by in screen-sized chunks:

   tsdir *.tsdif | more

Accessing tsdir

For the moment, tsdir will sit in my bin directory, at least until we get the worst of the bugs out. To access all programs in my bin directory, make sure you have /u/macleod/bin in your path. This should be automatic, but if not enter (for the ksh users),

     export PATH=$PATH:/u/macleod/bin

The details

The tsdir command actually starts a script that, in turn, calls a program called tsinfo. The tsinfo program actually has more options that are not yet accessible from tsdir. Go to the directory ~macleod/dfile/tsdir to see the gory details.

If you have additional suggestions for a more useful formatting of the listings from tsdir, then please let me know (macleod@cvrti.utah.edu)

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tsdir Program

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