Fort Douglas Officer's Club
150 Fort Douglas Blvd. Salt Lake City, UT 84112
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The Fort Douglas historic buildings are restored structures originally built by the Army at the time of the first settlement and are now deeded to the University. The Officer's club features early local masonry and wood architecture with modern updates such as high-speed wireless internet. It borders the restored old chapel and officer's quarters, and a stunning view of downtown. Like all of Salt Lake city, it is nestled under the majestic Rocky Mountains. The conference lodging is a very short walk away. There will be free day parking at the Officer's Club for the duration of the meeting.


University Guest House
110 South Fort Douglas Boulevard
Salt Lake City, Utah 84113
Reservations: (888) 416-4075; Ask for the "Ray Tracing Conference"
Reservations Deadline: Monday, August 21
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The Guest House is a three-star hotel located in the historic Fort Douglas area on the University of Utah campus. Complimentary parking passes will be issued as you check in for their parking lot. The entire hotel features complimentary high-speed wireless and breakfast. There is no airport shuttle.

A block of rooms has been set aside at the Guest House at a rate of $72 for Single King or Double Queens. Please mention the "Ray Tracing Conference," and please reserve before August 21. After August 21 rooms will be available as space permits.

Alternate Lodging

Hotel Monaco
15 West 200 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Hotel Reservations: (801) 595-0000; Ask for "The University Rate"
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The Hotel Monaco is a four-star hotel located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake. It is on the UTA Trax University Line, the city's small-rail system connecting Downtown to the University. It is also a 10 minute drive up to campus. The Monaco offers valet parking only, $15.50 per night. Every room has complimentary WiFi high-speed Internet. The Monaco has no airport shuttle.

No block has been set aside, but you may ask for the University Rate ($109 single, $119 double), available as space permits. Ask for a goldfish.

For questions on registration please contact Donna Prisbrey :

Getting Around Salt Lake

Salt Lake City has a Cartesian grid coordinate system. Most of the street names are just the x or y value for that street. The hard part is remembering what the xy axes are. Here is an article about the details.

For participants who need to get around campus beyond the Symposium site or the Trax stop, The University Shuttle service will probably be the most convenient means of on campus transportaion for those staying at the Guest house. Here are the route maps and schedules for the shuttle.

The light rail system, called TRAX, connects the University with downtown Salt Lake. It is the easiest way for those staying at the Monaco to get to the symposium; and is the best way for those staying at the Guest House to find good restaurants in the evening. See the maps under the venue and lodging locations above. There are two lines, and you want the University Line. Here is how to ride the light rail. The fare is $1.50 each way and the ticket can be purchased on the platform. You only need to show your ticket if a fare inspector asks for it (a rare occurance on the University line). Downtown, fares are free-- this is useful if you are going from the Monaco Hotel to the Gateway Mall (see below).

The stops on the line are (starting from downtown):

  • Delta Center. This is also the stop for the Gateway Mall
  • Temple Square. This is the stop for the LDS Temple.
  • City Center. Stop for the Monaco.
  • Gallivan Plaza.
  • 200 East (Library).
  • 600 East (Trolley). Starbucks, Smith's Marketplace (general store), Trolley Sqaure Mall, Wild Oats Natural Market.
  • 900 East. Office Store.
  • 1349 East (Stadium).
  • 1790 East (University South Campus). Art Museum.
  • 200 South (Fort Douglas). The Guest House and the Conference (cross the pedestrian bridge).
  • 10 North (Medical Center). Hospital Starbucks, The Pointe (serves breakfast/lunch)

The TRAX runs weekdays from around 6:30am to around 11:30pm. The entire University route is around a 1 hour walk, so if you miss the last one and don't want a taxi, just follow the tracks. Sunday it is around 9am to 10pm.

If you prefer to use a Taxi, you may call Yellow Cab: 521-2100

For those renting a car in Salt Lake, parking will be provided at the Guest House and the Symposium (and at Monaco for a fee). Parking around Salt Lake is sometimes very difficult, and other times inexpensive and available, depending on the venue.

Campus resources

The campus has a Museum of Fine Arts, a Musuem of Natural History, and a Fort Douglas history museum as well as several other attractions. More information.


On campus, the food encourages off-campus exploration... But the food at the Point Bistro is decent and affordable. The local on campus hangout is The Pie. It has VERY cheesy pizza, as well as microbrew beer and root beer. Those who prefer thin crust pizza with moderate cheese can order the "Italian Special" pizza.

Off campus there are a wealth of choices, with Thai and Mexican probably having the most choices. High-end dining is available at Metropolitan. The most popular Mexican restaurant is The Red Iguana. Downtown there are many choices all within walking distance of the light rail.


Utah alcohol laws are not as complex as widely believed. A tradional bar is a "private club" in Utah, and you pay a membership fee or go with a member. If you are staying in the Monaco, you are automatically a member. Anybody can buy a membership at any bar-- think of it as a cover charge. The best bar is probably The Bayou. There are also many pubs that do not require a membership. These serve "three point two" beer (usually brewed in Utah but also has Guiness etc.) and usually pub food. Popular choices include these.

Three point two beers can be bought in the grocery stores. Wine, five percent beer, and hard alcohol can be purchased at state liquor stores. There is a standard one of these at 200W 400S, and a high-end store specializing in wine at 255 South 300 East (11am-7pm Mon-Sat).


On campus, the best coffee is the Starbucks at the hospital, walking distance from the Guest House and the conference. It is open 24 hours, but you need to enter through the hospital enterance in the middle of the night.

Near the Monaco, there are more choices. There is a Starbucks nearby. A bit farther away is the Salt Lake Roasting company inside the City Library. The library has free wireless and wired internet.


Besides the many obvious ones, there are a few less well known:

  • City Creek Canyon. Start walking north from downtown and before you know it you will be walking up a canyon where you might have to watch out for rattlesnakes and moose!
  • The Clark Plenatarium has a digital dome as well as an IMAX and free exhibits. Possibly the best place to shop for presents for the kids.
  • Utah's pro soccer team has a game on campus the Saturday preceeding the conference.
  • The City Library is not only good for coffee and email, it was named the 2006 Library of the Year at the ALA conference and has received a lot of kudos for its operation and design. It's an easy stop in the middle of your light rail trip.
  • Students of the strange may enjoy the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. Near the 600E light rail stop.
  • Snowbird Ski Resort has many summer activities including an Oktoberfest event the Sunday preceeding the conference.

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