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johnsonMay 7, 2010 -- Christopher R. Johnson, distinguished professor of computer science and director of the Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute at the University of Utah, was honored at today's university commencement ceremonies with the Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence, the U's most prestigious award. The $40,000 gift is presented annually to a faculty member who displays excellence in teaching, research and administrative efforts. The Rosenblatt Prize Committee, a group of distinguished faculty members, recommends selected candidates for the award and the university president makes the final selection. U President Michael K. Young presented the award to Johnson, stating, "There is no one who typifies the overall spirit and respected reputation of the Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence more than Chris Johnson. His contributions to the U as a gifted teacher, administrator and world-renowned researcher are invaluable and his work in extending the power and science of computing has quite simply transformed the way we live."
johnsonCHRIS JOHNSON, director of the University of Utah’s Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, has been honored with the 2010 Visualization Career Award. The award was made in Salt Lake City on Oct. 27, 2010 during VisWeek2010, the premier forum for computer visualization researchers. It is sponsored by IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Johnson’s award was bestowed by the IEEE’s Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee, which honored him for “sustained technical contributions in scientific visualization, especially in the areas of biomedical and computational field visualization. His research in scientific visualization and scientific computing is important not only because it is innovative, but also because it has important real-world applications in a number of areas.” It is the latest in a string of honors for Johnson, a distinguished professor of computer science and 2010 winner of the University of Utah’s highest honor, the Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence.
ChrisRoss IEEEFellows newsCongratulations to Professors Chris Johnson and Ross Whitaker who have been elected IEEE Fellows for the class of 2014. Dr. Johnson was elected in recognition of his leadership in scientific computing and scientific visualization. Dr. Whitaker is recognized for contributions to image and geometry processing, visualization, and medical image analysis. This honorary designation is limited to no more than one-tenth of one percent of the total voting IEEE Institute membership each year.
crj-fernbach-award2013b newsCongratulations to Professor Chris Johnson who was awarded the IEEE Computer Society 2013 Sidney Fernbach Award at Supercomputing 2013. This award recognizes Professor Johnson "For outstanding contributions and pioneering work introducing computing, simulation, and visualization into many areas of biomedicine."

The Sidney Fernbach Award is one of the IEEE Computer Society's highest awards, and recognizes outstanding contributions in the application of high performance computers using innovative approaches. The award also includes a $2,000 honorarium.