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Rob on first spring ride, 2013 Marin County Share the Road Sign The future?

"So lighten up. At the end of the day, you're just an overgrown kid riding a toy outside in your colored underwear"

Ben Delaney, Velo News, June 2, 2003.

Some info on the bike organizations that fill Rob's many milliseconds of spare time.


o Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety for All Ages by Jonathan Rosenfeld. (Thanks to Marlene Warwick and her Scout troop, especially Conner, for this pointer!)
o Emigration Canyon construciton plans The signs say Emigration Canyon is closed to cyclists but the discussions on still underway. We hope that more sensible access will be permitted while the entire road is resurfaced! Stay tuned or more information.
o Emigraton Canyon Community Council notice
o The Emigration Canyon Roadway Improvement Committee Report, a useful document that many seem to have forgotten.
o GCN is the best! There is so much on offer here about racing and all things related to road cycling.
o Cycling is good for cognative performance and well being according to this study. In case you needed yet another excuse to get outside and ride a bike, even an ebike!
o Bicycle Helmet Ratings from new testing at Virginia Tech University.
o Airnimal, a new (to me, but they state 2013) folding bike company from Cambridge in the UK.
o Rob and Chris B, cycling at the U
o Economic impact of cycling in Utah is enormous!, and the health benefits equally impressive.
o Luminescent bike path in Poland , an amazing new bike path material that glows in the dark.
o Helix Folding Bike , a brand new Canadian product about to hit the market in 2016.
o The Radavist celebrate the love of bicycles.
o Darren Jeffries, Urban Cyclist and his strory of improving cycling's image through photos.
o LEDbyLite bike lights, a LED strip light system from an SLC company. I have had one since 2016 and love it!
o Why are drivers so angry at cyclists? by Joe Sullinan, Seattle.
o A bike that generates power for all sorts of applications.
o Bike pure an organization with a mission to "protect the integrity of cycling and promote clean cyclesport." It's time to support such organization, try to move on from the revelations of these past weeks (October, 2012)
o Some amazing bicycle photos from around the world.
o Peugeot DL122 (concept) bike with laptop compartment.
o Downhill mountain bike race in Chile. Amazing video from a head mounted camera.
o Dutch Cycling Embasssy, an amazing summary video of Dutch progress in bicycle infrastructure. And the announcement of a resource to share the knowledge they have developed with the world.
o The Ride, a journal about cycling with a decidely literary look and feel.
o Make your own bike lane! Clever idea for improving safety on the road.
o a very cool site with collected bike route maps from all over the world!.
o Rent a Bike Now, a network of bike rental services all across North America (and soon the world).
o Bike facility of the month site, a collection of well intended but problematic bike facilities.
o 1992 University of Utah Bicycle Report a summary of the situation and set of recommendations from 1992. Has much changed since then?
o A bike lift system in Trondheim, Norway. Also a local copy of the short video about the lift.
o Real equity on the road A cyclist's dream image.

Bike Friday Photos

Rob's Writings

This report from 1992 summarizes the state of cycling facilities on the University of Utah. It also contains a list of recommendations for enhancements to the campus. This was very much a team effort of the University of Utah Bicycle Advisory Committee, which was in place at the time and for a few years after. I was fortunate enough to be chair of the committee.

These are links to articles I have written for Cycling Utah (and thanks to the folks at CU for making them available).

Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee

Salt Lake City Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee

Bikes and Transit

Cycling and mass transit should be natural allies with shared goals--to reduce the use of automobiles, especially those with only a single occupant. Here are some links to information and sites describing good solutions for some of the technical options to mix bikes and transit effectively.

Bicycle boarding guidlines for the UTA Trax light rail system.

Bicycle Facilties Design and Implementation

Bicycle Health and Safety Information

Bike Racing Links

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Some descriptions of the BST from Greg Roth's Single track website:

Bike Advocacy and Organizations

In Utah


Cities and town with Bike Programs

Bicycle Commuting Information and Guides

Bike Maintenance and Repair

Maintaining a bike is essential, but also fun and cheap when you can get a few tools together and learn some basics. The Internet is also full of great videos to provide information and show the steps.

Information Sources and Resources

Bike Shops

There are some great bike shops out there and here are just some of my favorites, mostly local but some discovered during my travels.


Bike Rides

Bike Events

Bike Touring and Travel

Miscelaneous links