History of the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee

The MBAC Logo

By Dan Mayhew

The MBAC logo was designed by Julia LaPine, the sister of a former MBAC chair, Steve Harmon. At the time, 1991, Julia was working as a graphic artist with a Seattle based advertising agency, Harnell-Anderson. They have since moved to Salt Lake City. We were looking for a new design to replace the original MBAC logo-a circular design with the words "Salt Lake Mayors Bicycle Advisory Committee" around the circle with a picture of the City/County building in the middle. Steve volunteered his sister who created the design now in use. She did submit a few variations for our consideration, but there was immediate unanimous approval for the current design. I still have the original art work which we use for reprinting MBAC stationary, envelopes and business cards.

Past Chairpeople

By Dan Mayhew

Steve was chair of the MBAC from 1988-1991. Greg Williams took over as chair in 1991 and I became Vice-Chair. I then became Chair in 1992 when Greg resigned and held the post until 1998 when Rob took over. I'm not sure who preceded Steve as Chair, but next time I talk with him I'll try and fill in more about those early days. Last update: Sat Dec 4 10:32:37 1999 by Rob MacLeod