Brett Burton | Curriculum Vitae
PO Box 171344 -- Salt Lake City, UT 84117, USA
(801) 520 2634

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Ph.D in Bioengineering – In progress  Salt Lake City, UT
University of Utah   2008–Present

Computational modeling of cardiac electrophysiology during ischemia

H.B.S. in Bioengineering Salt Lake City, UT
University of Utah   2005–2008

Graduated with honors
Emphasis on cardiac electrophysiology

A.E. in Electrical, Mechanical, & Computer Engineering  Twin Falls, ID
College of Southern Idaho  2000–2001,2004–2005

Ph.D Research

Title: Parameterization of Image-Based Modeling in Partial Thickness Myocardial Ischemia

Advisor: Rob S. MacLeod

Description: This work is a three part exploration of image-based cardiac models of partial thickness ischemia and the errors associated with model parameterization.


Research & Clinical Experience

Graduate Research Assistant  Salt Lake City, UT
University of Utah - Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute  2008–Present

Clinical Study Supervisor  Salt Lake City, UT
Atrispec Study - University of Utah Hospital  2015–2016

Undergraduate Research Assistant  Salt Lake City, UT
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program -f Utah  2006–2008

Intern  Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Artificial Heart Program - LDS Hospital  2005–2006

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant  Salt Lake City, UT
Physiology 6000 - Department of Bioengineering - University of Utah  2010

  • Setup, administered, and graded labs
  • Proctored tests
  • Delivered select lectures
Teaching Assistant  Park City, UT
IBBM Workshop - Center For Integrative Biomedical Computing (CIBC)  2014–2016

The IBBM Workshop is a two week program offered annually to graduate students, faculty members, and industry researchers to teach and demonstrate Image-Based, Biomedical Modeling techniques.

Teaching Assistant  Salt Lake City, UT
IIBM Course - Center For Integrative Biomedical Computing (CIBC)  2015

The Introduction to Image-Based Modeling (IIBM) Course is similar to its parent class (the above IBBM Workshop), but it is geared to, and suited for, undergraduate researchers over the course of a semester.

Presenter  Brooklyn, NY
ISBI Lunch Lecture Series  2015

Business Development Experience

Entrepreneurial Lead  Salt Lake City, UT
Atrispec - Atrial Fibrillation Risk Assessment Software  2011–2016

Senior Associate  Salt Lake City, UT
University Venture Fund  2013–2015

Student Associate/Assistant Student Associate Director Salt Lake City, UT
Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute - University of Utah   2011–2013


Police Dispatcher  Salt Lake City, UT
University of Utah Public Safety  2005–2008


Book Chapters

  1. P Rosen, BM Burton, K Potter, CR Johnson. "μView: A Visual Analysis System for Exploring Uncertainty in Myocardial Ischemia Simulations" Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences III, Chapter 3, 49-69, 2016


  1. KK Aras, DJ Swenson, BM Burton and RS MacLeod. Spatio-Temporal Progression of Acute Myocardial Ischemia, American Journal of Physiology 2016, in submission
  2. KK Aras, BM Burton, DJ Swenson, and RS MacLeod. Spatial organization of acute myocardial ischemia. Journal of Electrocardiology 49 (3): 323-36, 2016
  3. KK Aras, W Good, JD Tate, BM Burton DH Brooks, J Coll-Font, O Doessel, W Schulze, D Potyagaylo, LW Wang, P van Dam, and RS MacLeod. Experimental Data and Geometric Analysis Repository-EDGAR, J Electrocardiology 2015, 48 (6): 975-81, 2015
  4. K Aras, BM Burton, DJ Swenson, RS MacLeod. "Sensitivity of epicardial electrical markers to ischemia detection" Journal of Electrocardiology 47 (6): 836-41, 2014.

Conference Proceedings

  1. BM Burton, KK Aras, JD Tate, W Good, RS Macleod. "The Role of Reduced Left Ventricular, Systolic Blood Volumes in ST Segment Potentials Overlying Diseased Tissue of the Ischemic Heart" Computers in Cardiology 2016 accepted.
  2. J Coll-Font, BM Burton, JD Tate, B Erem, DJ Swenson, D Wang, DH Brooks, P vanDam, RS Macleod. "New Additions to the Toolkit for Forward/Inverse Problems in Electrocardiography within the SCIRun Problem Solving Environment" Computers in Cardiology 2014.
  3. JD Tate, T Pilcher, K Aras, BM Burton, RS Macleod. "Verification of a Defibrillation Simulation Using Internal Electric Fields in a Human Shaped Phantom" Computers in Cardiology 2014.
  4. P Rosen, BM Burton, K Potter, CR Johnson. "Visualization for understanding uncertainty in the simulation of myocardial ischemia" The 3rd International Workshop on Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences.
  5. BM Burton, B Erem, K Potter, P Rosen, CR Johnson, DH Brooks, RS MacLeod. "Uncertainty visualization in forward and inverse cardiac models" Computers in Cardiology 2013.
  6. S Meng, J Zhao, BM Burton, NA Lever, IJ LeGrice, BH Smaill. "Accurate endocardial activation representation of atria by non-contact mapping" Computers in Cardiology 2012.
  7. BM Burton, JD Tate, B Erem, DJ Swenson, DF Wang, DH Brooks, PM van Dam, RS MacLeod. "Forward/Inverse toolkit in the SCIRun problem solving environment" EMBC: IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 2011.
  8. DJ Swenson, JG Stinstra, BM Burton, KK Aras, L Healy, RS MacLeod. "Evaluating the Effects of Border Zone Approximations with Subject Specific Ischemia Models" Proceedings of the 11th International Congress of the IUPESM 2009.
  9. DJ Swenson, JG Stinstra, BM Burton, KK Aras, RS MacLeod. "Wave Equation Based Interpolation on Volumetric Cardiac Electrical Potentials" Computers in Cardiology 2009.

Invited Presentations

Oral Presentations

Contribution of Ventricular Blood Volume in Subendocardial Ischemia Vancouver, CA
Computing In Cardiology   2016
Uncertainty Visualization of Forward and Inverse Cardiac Models Zaragoza, ES
Computing In Cardiology   2013
Atrispec - An atrial fibrillation risk assessment software Portland, OR, USA
New Venture Championship   2012
Atrispec - An atrial fibrillation risk assessment software Park City, UT, USA
Park City Angels   2012

Poster Presentations

The Forward Inverse Toolkit in SCIRun Boston, MA, USA
IEEE: EMBC   2011
The Forward Problem of Electrocardiology Salt Lake City, UT, USA
SCIx   2011/2012

Software Packages

Basic: python, Adobe Photoshop/Premier, MySQL, C/C++

Intermediate: Matlab, html, LATEX, Microsoft Office, OSX, iWorks, Adobe Illustrator/Dreamweaver

Advanced: SCIRun, Seg3D, Cleaver, BioMesh3D

Awards, Honors, and Service

2014–Present: Scientific Computing & Imaging Institute Social Activities Committee Member

2012–Present: Children’s Choir Chorister

2010–Present: Science Fair Judge (9 - 12 year old)

2011/2013: First Lego League Judge

2008–2010: Secretary and Webmaster of Bioengineering GSAC, University of Utah

2007–2008: Vice President of Biomedical Engineering Society, Utah Chapter

2008: Honors B.S. & Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation, University of Utah

2006–2007: Josephine Beam Scholarship, University of Utah

2005–2006: Freebody Transfer Scholarship, University of Utah

2005–2006: Bioengineering Faculty Scholarship, University of Utah

2004: Phi Theta Kappa and Golden Key member, College of Southern Idaho


  • English (native)
  • Spanish


  • Family
  • Triathloning
  • Books
  • Disc Golf
  • Kayaking
  • Singing and Conducting
  • Cartoons
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