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Dr. Attila Gyulassy

Dr. Attila Gyulassy - Research Computer Scientist

Working Off Campus
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advisor Valerio Pascucci

My Publications


I recently recieved my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis. My dissertation concerns the computation and simplification of Morse-Smale complexes for the purpose of feature extraction. My Ph.D. research was funded by the Lawrence Scholar Program, a fellowship from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Prior to that, I graduated from University of California, Berkeley, with a BA in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

I am a die-hard skier, and play volleyball whenever I can. I also enjoy watching soccer. I'm excited for the opportunities here in Utah to explore nature. Hiking and backpacking are some of my favorite activities in the summer.

Current Responsibilities

Currently I have a Post-Doc position, working on topology-based visualization and analysis with Valerio Pascucci.

Research Interests

My research has been focused on using the Morse-Smale complex to solve various analysis problems. Morse theory is a general way of thinking about the feature space of a function, and I believe we are just beginning as a community to see the potential impact of this kind of analysis. Some new techniques are currently in development that tie together scalar field analysis with vector field analysis, time-varying analysis, and multi-variate analysis, and these methods have the potential to shape the field of visualization and analysis.

I'm always open to talking about any kind of topology-based analaysis, whether it be about Morse-Smale complexes, Morse complexes, Reeb graphs, contour trees, Jacobi sets, or point set segmentation.