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Brenda Peterson

Brenda Peterson - Executive Secretary

WEB 3658
phone (801) 585-1975
fax (801) 585-6513
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Before coming to the SCI Institute, I was the editorial assistant for Paper Crafts Magazine and Creating Keepsakes Magazine. While there, I wore many different hats which included; making travel arrangements, setting up conferences, handling the contracts for payment just to name a few.

I graduated from BYU-Idaho with an Associates in Education and recently completed my Bachelor of Science in Business. I love to learn, garden, cook and in my spare few minutes I like to scrapbook.

Current Responsibilities

As Valerio Pascucci's Assistant, I help schedule meetings, trips and organize his calendar. I also manage the Data Center Engineering Certificate as well as the Center for Extreme Data Management, Analysis and Visualization (CEDMAV). Another part of my role is part of the SCI Admin team, which keeps me busy with helping students and planning various meetings.