Poster Session:
Monday, 18 Sept

Accepted Posters:

Stephan Reiter, "Offloading ray processing onto the GPU using cooperative worker threads"

Erik Greenwald, "Expressing Blast Sensitivity Envelopes with Implicit Surfaces"

Andrew Adinetz, "Interactive Ray Tracing on Modern Graphics Hardware"

Tim Foley, Jeremy Sugerman, Shigeatsu Yoshioka, and Pat Hanrahan, "Ray Tracing on a Cell Processor with Software Caching"

Daniel Reiter Horn, Mike Houston, Tim Foley, and Pat Hanrahan, "GPU- based rasterization-raytracing hybrid"

Ewen Cheslak-Postava, Abhinav Dayal, Abe Stephens, and David Luebke, "Improved Adaptive Frameless Rendering Using Edge Respecting Filters"

Gennette Gill and Montek Singh, "Ray Tracing on Asynchrounous Supercomputing Stream Processors"

Kazuhiko Komatsu, Yoshiyuki Kaeriyama, Daichi Zaitsu, Kenichi Suzuki Nobuyuki Ohba, and Tadao Nakamura, "Packet-Primitive Intersection Method"

David Cline, Parris K. Egbert, and Kenric B. White, "Towards Triple Product Sampling in Direct Lighting"

Christiaan P. Gribble, Thiago Ize, Andrew Kensler, Ingo Wald and Steven G. Parker, "A Coherent Grid Traversal Approach to Visualizing Particle-Based Simulation Data"

Dave Edwards, Solomon Boulos, Peter Shirley, and Ingo Wald, "Evaluating Multidimensional Samples Using 2-D Projections"

Peter Djeu, Gordon Stoll, and William R. Mark, "Tesselating Planar Quadrilaterals into Triangles to Meet a Maximum-Edge-Length Threshold while Minimizing Grid Size"

Lee A. Butler, "BRL-CAD: Ray Tracing for Scientific and Engineering Applications"

Heiko Friedrich, Johannes Gunther, Ingo Wald, Hans-Peter Seidel, and Philipp Slusallek, "Realtime Ray Tracing of Animated Meshes using Fuzzy KD-Trees"

Heiko Friedrich, Ingo Wald, Johannes Gunther, Gerd Marmitt, and Philipp Slusallek, "Interactive Iso-Surface Ray Tracing of Massive Volumetric Datasets"

Alexei Leonenko, Sergey Perepelkin, "Fast ray tracing with Intel IPP"

IEEE Computer Society IEEE Visualization & Graphics Technical Committee Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute The University of Utah