Dr. Allen Sanderson

Research Scientist
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
Office: Merril Engineering Building 3490C
Phone: 1.801.585.0769
Fax : 1.801.585.6513

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Below are some of the research projects that I have worked on over the years.

Reaction Diffusion

Reaction Diffusion has many applications, here we looked at how it could be applied to texture syntheseis of fish patterns. The primary difficulty in using reaction-diffusion is in controlling the parameters so that you can get the pattern you want.


As part of our reaction-diffusion research we developed a CPU and GPU based version of this software for exploring the parameter selection. We then created a test bed to see if real applications could benefit from the GPU.

Fusion Visualization

Currently I am co-investigator within the DOE SciDAC Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies. My primary role has been to develope visualization and analysis techniques for magnetically confine fusion simulations. I am also

Shape Recovery using Deformable B-Spline Models.

As part of my Ph.D. research I developed a shape recovery system using deformable B-Spline surfaces. I used it to extract part of the cerebral vascular system that was imaged using magnetic resonance angiography (MRA). The system allowed one to go from images to models that could be used for surgical planning or as the basis for physical phantoms used for improving imaging techniques.