Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing

scijumpSCIJump is a computational environment or framework based on the Common Component Architecture (CCA) standard for high performance component frameworks in the scientific computing domain. The SCIJump framework builds on the SCI Institute's SCIRun Problem Solving Environment and implements a parallel component and distributed computation architecture which can support a diverse set of component- based technologies.

Components connect through ports to form a complex application. In SCIJump, distributed components are supported through Remote Method Invocation on a port. Parallel components are managed transparently over an MxN method invocation and data redistribution subsystem. A meta-component model based on CCA is used to accommodate multiple component models such as CCA, VTK, SCIRun Dataflow.

SCIJump is currently in the alpha release stage, but interested users are invited to download it, give it a try and let us know what bugs you run into. Your help could play a vital role in making SCIJump a stable and powerful problem solving environment. SCIJump is currently supported on Linux and Mac OSX platforms. Please contact us or consult the project wiki for information on building the framework on other Unix-based operating systems.