Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing

neuroimageThe publication and cover image is the result of a close collaboration between the University of Freiburg (Lukas Fiederer, Tonio Ball and others) in Germany and the NIH-funded Center for Integrated Biomedical Computing (CIBC, Moritz Dannhauer) at the SCI institute (Johannes Vorwerk). The cover of NeuroImage' March (128) issue illustrates different tissues in a model of the human head that are known to have distinct electrical properties. In this study, we simulated the electrical effect of blood vessels on current flow originating from active brain regions as monitored by scalp electrodes (encephalography, EEG). Since the understanding of EEG measurements matters in many clinical applications (e.g., epilepsy), SCIRun software offers a set of tools to investigate their underlying electrical generators. Recently, in the new version 5.0 of SCIRun additional capabilities (BrainStimulator) have been added to simulate the current flow from external stimulation devices targeting brain regions of potential EEG generators.

L.D.J. Fiederer, J. Vorwerk, F. Lucka, M. Dannhauer, S. Yang, M. Dümpelmann, A. Schulze-Bonhage, A. Aertsen, O. Speck, C.H. Wolters, T. Ball, The role of blood vessels in high-resolution volume conductor head modeling of EEG, NeuroImage, Volume 128, March 2016, Pages 193-208