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Ingo Wald
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Dec 2014
We just gave our first public talks on our new "OSPRay" rendering engine for high-fidelity visualization.

Note: I am no longer with the University of Utah. I have been a research assistant professor at SCI/the University of Utah from 2005 through 2007, but in 2007 have moved on to join Intel Labs' graphics research group.
I'm still living in Utah, still have some contancts to the U, and still work (on and off) with some of the people there; but I am no longer a full-time prof at SCI/the U, and thus cannot advice/take on any students.
I also still maintain this website from time to time, but far less regularly than I should...

  • 2013: And back in the US again .... I'm now located in Austin, TX, still working on ray tracing -- in particular, I'm part of the “Embree” Ray Tracing Kernel Framework project.
  • 2012: I am now back in Germany. Though still working for Intel Labs I am now located at the Intel Office at the Intel Visual Computing Institute in Saarbruecken.
  • 2007: I left SCI to join Intel's graphics research team.

Research interests

  • Ray Tracing
  • High-performance graphics and Visual Computing using architectures such as Intel Many-Integrated Core (MIC) / Intel Xeon Phi architectures.
  • Programming Models and Compilers for High-Performance Computing
  • Photorealistic Image Synthesis and Physically-correct Lighting Simulation
  • Interactive Global Illumination
  • Scientific Visualization and High-performance Computing
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing (in particular on PC clusters and high-throughput computing platforms like Larrabee)
  • Multiresolution methods (in particular for point-based and volume/isosurface data)
  • Interactive Visualization of Massively Complex (and potentially time-varying) data sets)
  • Hierarchical Index Structures and Efficient Traversal Algorithms


2007-today Research Scientist, Intel Labs, Intel Corp
2006-2007 Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
2005-2006 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
2004-2005 Research Associate (Post-Doc), Max Planck Institut Informatik in Saarbruecken
May 2004 PhD in Computer Science (Dr.-ing), Computer Graphics Group, Saarland University
2000-2004 Research Assistant, Computer Graphics Group, Saarland University
1993-1999 Diplom Informatik (Master of Computer Science equivalent), University of Kaiserslautern


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