GPU-Based Volume Rendering of Unstructured Grids


Jočo L. D. Comba

UFRGS, Brazil

Cláudio T. Silva

University of Utah

Fabio F. Bernardon

UFRGS, Brazil

Steven P. Callahan

University of Utah





Module 1:  Introduction

Module 2:  Projected Tetrahedra and Polyhedral Cell Sorting

Module 3:  Isosurface Techniques

Module 4:  Hardare-Assisted Visibility Ordering

Module 5:  Hardware Ray Casting and Time Varying Scalar Fields

Module 6:  Conclusions




Module 2:  PT Corie dataset

Module 4:  HAVS spx2 dataset

Module 4:  HAVS fighter dataset

Module 4:  LOD spx2 dataset

Module 4:  LOD torso dataset

Module 4:  LOD fighter dataset

Module 5:  Time Varying RC spx dataset

Module 5:  Time Varying HAVS torso datset




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