I am currently a project lead in the Software Development Center at the University of Utah where I work on the development and commercialization of university-related projects.  Prior to that I was the Director of Software Engineering at VisTrails, Inc. a startup company spun out from the university. In 2008, I completed a Ph.D. in Computing from The University of Utah under the direction of Claudio Silva.  I also received an M.S. in Computational Engineering and Science from the University of Utah in 2004 and a B.S. in Computer Science from Utah State University in 2002.

I mainly participated in two research projects during my graduate studies.  The first is the VisTrails, a scientific workflow management system for data exploration and visualization.  The second is Hardware-Assisted Visibility Sorting (HAVS), a volume rendering system for unstructured grids.

My previous professional experience includes five years working at Parametric Technology Corporation as a software engineer on 3D design software and two summers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a technical scholar.

Steven Callahan, PhD

Software Development Center

615 Arapeen Dr., #310

Salt Lake City, UT 84108

stevec (at) sci.utah.edu

Research Interests

  1. Scientific Visualization

  2. Computer Graphics

  3. Visualization Systems

Professional Information

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Recent Collaborators

  1. Claudio Silva, Utah

  2. Erik Anderson, Utah

  3. Louis Bavoil, NVIDIA

  4. Fabio Bernardon, UFRGS, Brazil

  5. Joao Comba, UFRGS, Brazil

  6. Milan Ikits, Immersion

  7. Juliana Freire, Utah

  8. David Koop, Utah

  9. Dan Laney, LLNL

  10. Aaron Lefohn, Intel

  11. Peter Lindstrom, LLNL

  12. Nelson Max, LLNL and UC Davis

  13. Valerio Pascucci, LLNL

  14. Emanuele Santos, Utah

  15. Peter Shirley, Utah and NVIDIA

  16. Carlos Scheidegger, Utah

  17. John Schreiner, Utah

  18. Huy Vo, Utah

  19. David Weinsten, Visual Influence