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  1. University of Utah
  2. State of Utah
  3. Things Austrian/German
  4. The World
  5. The Environment
  6. Science and Research
  7. Things Apple/Mac
  8. Travel and Maps
  9. Music and Movies
  10. Food, Drink, and Health
  11. The Weather (everyone cares about the weather)
  12. Phone Books
  13. Products
  14. HTML and Web sites
  15. Recreation
  16. Miscellaneous

Electrophysiology and Cardiology

See my Research Groups and Links page for this.

University of Utah

Department/College Level

University Level

School of Medicine

Utah Links

Things Austrian/German

The World

Science and Research

The Environment

Note: Special thanks to Marylyn Brooks and her kids from the Valley Book Club and to Joan Ward and Annie from Ms. Ward's Class in Maine.

Apple/Macintosh Information and Software

Music, Movies, and other Entertainment

Food, Drink, and Health

Information about Cocoa and Chocolate

Chocolate is incredibly healthy, the darker it is, the better. It also connects to a rich history from several hundred years BC to the present, and one that spans the wordl. Here are some links for more informaiton.

Favorite beverage #1: hot chocolate

February 1 is National Dark Chocolate Day!

Chocolate in Utah

Other sources for Hot Chocolate

Some general health and nutrition related pointers

Weather Services

Phone Books

Product Information

HTML, Web site management

Recreation links


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