Kristi Potter

Invited Talks

★  Ensemble Visualization

DOE Computer Graphics Forum. April 23-26, 2012. Albuquerque, NM, USA. slides: EnsembleVisualization.pdf

★  Uncertainty Visualization: Beyond Mean and Standard Deviation

IAMCS-KAUST Workshop on Computational Biomedicine and Geophysics. April 5-6, 2012. Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

★  Uncertainty Visualization: State of the Art

USA/South America Symposium on Stochastic Modeling and Uncertanity Quantification. August 1-5, 2011. Leblon Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

★  Visualization of Ensembles and Uncertainty

IAMCS Workshop:Visualization in Biomedical Computation. February 23, 2011. College Station, TX, USA.

★  Open Questions in Uncertainty Visualization

Center for Scalable Application Development Software (CScADS) Workshop: Scientific Data and Analytics for Extreme Scale Computing. July 26-29, 2010. Snowbird, UT, USA.

★  Visualization of Uncertainty

IAMCS-KAUST Seminar Series. May 14, 2010. College Station, TX, USA.
IAMCS Annual Spring Symposium. May 27-29, 2010. KAUST Campus, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Conference Presentations

★  Visualization of Summary Statistics and Uncertainty

EuroVis 2010. June 9, 2010. Bordeaux, France.

★  Ensemble-Vis: A Framework for the Statistical Visualization of Ensemble Data

IEEE Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Climate Data: Prediction, Extremes, and Impacts. December 6, 2009. Miami, FL, USA.
slides: EnsembleVis.pdf

★  Visualization of Statistical Measures of Uncertainty.

IEEE Vis 2007 Doctoral Colloquim. October 31, 2007. Sacremento, CA, USA.
slides:VisStatisticalMeasures.pdf abstract:phdColloq.pdf


★  Statistical Uncertainty: From Quantification to Visualization

VisWeek 2012 Tutorial on Uncertainty and Parameter Space Analysis in Visualization. October 15, 2012. Seattle, WA, USA
slides:StatisticalUncertainty.pdf website:visweek 2012 tutorial


★  You Should be Using...TCLAP: Templatized C++ Command Line Parser Library

2010 DOE Computer Graphics Forum. April 11-14, 2010. Park City, UT, USA.

Other Presentations

★  Statistical Uncertainty: From Quantification to Visualization

Guest Lecture, cs 6630. December 4, 2012.
slides: StatisticalUncertainty.pdf

★  Color

Guest Lecture, cs 6630. September 4, 2012.
slides: color.pdf

★  Uncertainty Visualization: State of the Art

Seminar: Modelling Data With Uncertainty. November 3, 2010. Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

★  Visualization of Uncertainty

PhD Defense. December 10, 2009. Salt Lake City, UT, USA.
slides: Defense.pdf

★  Visual Summary Statistics

First Workshop of the DFG's International Research Training Group Visualization of Large and Unstructured Data Sets. June 14-16, 2006. Dagstuhl Castle, Germany.