Darrell Swenson


My Family

About Me

I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. I then worked as a structural methods engineer at Pratt and Whitney in East Hartford, CT for just over two years. Well before any of this, I had become fascinated with the idea of patient specific modeling to be used in clinical settings. When I applied to graduate schools, I was primarily targeting biomechanical and imaging research, however, when Dr. MacLeod introduced me to the world of electrophysiology, I soon became excited by the numerous possibilities that electrophysiolgy had to be developed into patient specific tools.

Doctoral Research

We have been working on modeling acute cardiac ischemia with subject specific models that directly lend themselves to validation with experimental measurements. We are particularly interested in the spacial and temporal genesis of the ischemic regions due to our suspicion that the current models are significantly incorrect. We hope to accurately describe the developing ischemic regions both experimentally and computationally and show their subsequent impact on the forward and inverse problems.