Portrait of Lee

Lee A. Butler

Phone: (410) 569 6290
Email: butler@sci.utah.edu
AIM,Yahoo,IRC: iraytrace

561 Country Ridge Circle
Bel Air, MD 21015


Research Interests:

  • Ray tracing
  • Virtual Reality and Immersive technology
  • Visualization
  • Realistic image generation
  • Engineering computation
  • Optimization and high-performance computing
  • Distributed computation
  • Computer architectures
  • Managing large-scale geometry
  • Geometry exchange and translation
  • Ballistics



  • Image from Spring 2008 Ray-Tracing competition
  • Bullet Ray Vision Paper and the associated video
  • Two days of video out the office window (and the Hi-Res version).
  • A whole week of out-the-window time lapse. Includes weather patterns, sprinklers, construction dust.
  • Vid of the Rosslyn data set.
  • Vid checking placement of buildings on terrain.
  • Vid combining mapped and illumination patterns.
  • Repository of the Truck model.