Designed especially for neurobiologists, FluoRender is an interactive tool for multi-channel fluorescence microscopy data visualization and analysis.
Deep brain stimulation
BrainStimulator is a set of networks that are used in SCIRun to perform simulations of brain stimulation such as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and magnetic transcranial stimulation (TMS).
Developing software tools for science has always been a central vision of the SCI Institute.
hansenCongratulations to Chuck Hansen on being elected to the IEEE Board of Governors for 2022. IEEE Computer Society relies on a fully elected Board of Governors (BOG) to drive its vision forward, provide policy guidance to program boards and committees, and review the performance of the organization to ensure compliance with its policy directions.

Chuck is a Distinguished Professor, Emeritus of computer science and his research interests include large-scale scientific visualization, parallel computer graphics algorithms and interactive techniques.