Hey, I'm Sam.

I'm a PhD student at the University of Utah, working with Miriah Meyer as part of the Visualization Design Lab. My current research focuses around the visualization of uncertainty information in decision-making contexts. I will, however, also happily talk your-ear-off on topics relating to color, human perception, and the role of aesthetics in visualization design.



A prototype system we developed during as part of design study dealing with meteorologists working in areas like wildfire prediction.

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Current and Future Projects

These are a few of the topics I'm currently looking into. These projects are at various degrees of development, some further along than others. If you are doing work in one of these areas, drop me a line.

Improving Ecological Validity

How do we start to evaluate uncertainty visualizations in a way that more accurately reflects the complexities of the decision making processes in areas like weather forecasting?

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Color Usage

When are continuous color maps actually more beneficial than discrete ones? What is the relation to data and task?

In Development

Visualizations for Bayesian Reasoning

Are there things we can learn from disciplines like educational psychology that might help us create effective assitive visualizations?

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