Nathan Smith

I'm an undergraduate at the University of Utah, where I am studying computer science. When I'm not sitting in a computer lab somewhere trying to make the bits line up just right, I keep myself busy snowboarding, mountain biking, waterskiing, and jamming with my friends.


iRun: Interactive Rendering of Large Unstructured Grids
     Huy T. Vo, Steven Callahan, Nate Smith, Claudio T. Silva, William Martin, David Owen, and David Weinstein.
     [Submitted] Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization, 2006. [PDF]

From Motes to Java Stamps: Smart Sensor Network Testbeds
     Thomas C. Henderson, Jong-Chun Park, Nate Smith and Richard Wright.
     IROS 2003 [PDF]


Although I am still choosing my exact area of interest, I am very interested in computer graphics and related applications such as scientific visualization.

I received my first research experience collaborating with Thomas Henderson here at the University of Utah in 2003. We programmed Smart-Sensor Networks based on Berkeley motes (small computers with radio communication capabilities).

After working with Tom, I served a mission for the LDS church to Guatemala for two years. Now that I am back, I have jumped back into more research projects.

I now work with Claudio Silva at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. I participated on the IRUN team (Interactive Rendering of Unstructured Grids). Most recently, I have worked on the VisTrails project.

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