Rob's Writing and Presentation Resources

Something I do a lot of, something I teach, and something I am passionate about. I hope these resources are useful and not too biased by my experience and perspective. I have started merging writing and presentation resources because they interact in very powerful ways and both have the common goal of telling a great story.

Quick Links:

  1. Writing background info
  2. Writing a thesis
  3. Presentation background info
  4. Making documents: the mechanics
  5. Making posters
  6. The PLoS Computational Biology Ten-Rules series
  7. General tips on communication and productivity

Writing Background Information

Thesis Writing

Presentations Information Links

Mechanics of Making Documents

Tips Specific to Making Posters

The Ten Simple Rules series from PLoS Computational Biology

Tips for general communication skills and work habits

This is a catch-all of suggestions about carrying out all the above tasks and more, general tips about communicating and working effectively.

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