And this...sigh...(-: is Annette

Annette, old friend, new lover, center of my personal universe, and now, my wife.



Annette at Jackson Hole, August, 2002 Annette at Sundance, Utah. August, 2002


Annette at the beach, July, 2002, Nova Scotia Annette in the sun, June 2002, Augsburg.


Annette and I on top of the world: Sunset Peak, Wasatch Mountains, August, 2002 (Annette is the cold one)


Annette with Nina, cousin Michael, and nephews Paul and Anton. Augsburg, June 2002


Annette at the beach in Nova Scotia, July 2002. Not exactly swimming weather...


David Wilcox from Turning Point

I love your sense of humor
I love to see you smile
I love your sense of balance
I love your sense of time

I love your music in the morning
Your rhythm in the night
But it's your kindness
That shines so bright

Yes I love your beauty
I love your sexy moves
But more I love your honesty
You always tell the truth

I love your vision of the future
Your hope that never dies
But it's your kindness that clears my skies

Yes I love your wisdom
Your knowledge of the past
Your willingness to listen
And taste for what will last

Your compassion for the suffering
And your solid happiness
But it's your kindness that I love best

I love...
I love...
I love...

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