Rob's Grant Information Page

A list of granting sources and links to grant applications. The choices reflect my biomedical bias and is in no way comprehensive.

Quick Links:

  1. NIH General Information
  2. NIH Study Sections
  3. American Heart Association (AHA) information
  4. Other Agencies
  5. Specific Grant Programs
  6. Proposal Writing Tips

Granting Agency Policy and Program Information

Other good grants sites

NIH General Information

NIH Study Section/Review Information

American Heart Association (AHA) Information

Other agencies

Specific Grant Programs

Quick Links:

  1. Fellowships for graduate students and post docs
  2. Computer Science Fellowships
  3. NIH Biomedical Engineering programs
  4. NIH Software/computational programs
  5. NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative
  6. NIH Health information technology (IT) program
  7. NIH Imaging and Image Analysis programs
  8. NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative
  9. NIH Clinical Trials programs
  10. NIH Mechanisms in collaboration with industry
  11. NIH Clinical And Translational Science Awards (CTSA) programs
  12. NIH P41 Programs
  13. NIH Awards to Maximize Investigators Research Award (MIRA) type mechanisms
  14. NIH Miscellaneous Opportunities
  15. Animals model development
  16. NIH NCBC programs
  17. NSF Programs
  18. International Programs
  19. AHA Programs
  20. Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) AHA Programs
  21. University of Utah Programs
  22. NIH Grant preparation

Fellowships for students and post docs

Fellowships specifically for comptuer science students


NIH Training Awards

NSF Programs

Note: these are generally the hardest programs to keep up to date as there is a lot of flux over time. Please send me updates!

NSF Training Programs

NSF Brain Program

NSF Software related programs

International Opportunities

American Heart Association (AHA) Grant Opportunities

Heart Rhythm Society Fellowship Program

University of Utah Programs

Other Sources

Grant Proposal Writing Tips

Some of these are specific to grants, others simply useful for any writing project.

NIH Grant proposal preparation

Preparation mechanics and policies

Writing Guidelines for NIH Proposals

BibTex, PMCID, and the NIH

NIH requires public disclosure of journal articles supported by NIH funding and all such articles receive a code called the PMCID as part of the PubMed system. As an NIH funded researcher, you MUST include this code every time you cite such a reference, especially in progress reports, proposals, and biosketches.

To support this code in BibTeX, I have created a slightly modified version of one of the most common BibTeX style files (.bst), which is available here.

To use this new style file,

  1. Add a field called "pmcid" to each BibTeX reference that contains the PMCID string, which you can locate by searching for the papers in the PubMed system.
  2. Modify your \bibiographystyle command to look (something) like this:

NIH Forms for Grant Applications

NIH Grant Review Guidelines

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