Visualization and exploration tool for probability distribution functions    
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The ProbVis software tool allows for the interactive display and exploration of a spatial collection of data distributions. A global display shows the value of a difference measure across the spatial domain. The user can change the measure from the L1 Norm to the Hellinger distance. The user is also given a pointer to explore the individual distributions which are diplayed as a PDF or CDF in the lower corner.

ProbVis is written using the Processing programming language. To run the standalone applications simply download the tarball for your platform, uncompress, and double-click on the ProbVis icon. The source code is a Processing sketch which can be run and modified using the Processing framework, freely available at

Standalone applications:
   Mac OSX     Linux 32/64     Windows 32/64
Processing Source Code:

The software tool allows the user to investigate any dataset, as long as conforms to our format. The data should be in its own directory, and separated into 3 files: geometry.txt, connectivity.txt, and data.txt. The names of these files must match exactly, and none have headers. Four examplary data sets are provided:

Interactive Visualization of Probability and Cumulative Density Functions
Kristin Potter, Robert M. Kirby, Dongbin Xiu, & Chris R. Johnson
International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, to appear. 2011.

Alternating Interval Shape Torso

Kristi Potter
SCI Institute
University of Utah
Robert M. Kirby
SCI Institute
University of Utah
Dongbin Xiu
Dept of Mathematics
Purdue University
Chris R. Johnson
SCI Institute
University of Utah

This is a collaborative research project supported under NSF IIS-0914564, NSF IIS-0914447 and through DOE NETL DE-EE0004449, and NIH 2P41 RR0112553-12 (Johnson). Infrastructure support provided through NSF-IIS-0751152.