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A brief account of what I have been doing at the school!

School of Computing, University of Utah

I joined the MS in CES program at the University of Utah in Fall '08. CES is an interdisciplinary program that gave me the flexibility to study the entire simulation pipeline which ranges from modeling a real world problem, to solving it and then visualizing it. Inspired and intrigued by the various fields I got to explore during my MS, I recently converted to the PhD in Computer Graphics program at the U.

I passed my PhD qualifiers in Feb 2012, and PhD proposal in May 2013. My supervisory committee consists of

  1. Dr. Valerio Pascucci (Chair)
  2. Dr. Adam W Bargteil
  3. Dr. Peer-Timo Bremer
  4. Dr. Christopher R Johnson
  5. Dr. Robert M Kirby

Fall '11

  1. Introduction to Image Processing - Dr. Ross Whitaker
  2. Scientific Writing - Prof. James Koford

Summer '11

  1. Internship at LLNL

Fall '10

  1. Computer Aided Geometric Design - Prof. Elaine Cohen
  2. Modeling Data with Uncertainty (Algorithms Seminar) - Dr. Jeff Phillips

Summer '10

  1. Internship at LLNL

Spring '10

  1. Advanced Scientific Computing II - Prof. Kris Sikorski

Fall '09

  1. Interactive Computer Graphics - Prof. Chuck Hansen
  2. Machine Learning - Dr. Hal Daume III

Spring '09

  1. Mathematical Modeling - Prof. Graeme Milton
  2. Computational Topology - Dr. Valerio Pascucci
  3. Geometry Processing - Dr. Claudio T Silva

Fall '08

  1. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations - Prof. K Schmitt
  2. Advanced Scientific Computing I - Prof. Kris Sikorski
  3. Scientific Visualization - Dr. Claudio T Silva
  4. Independent Study on Vector Field Topology - Dr. Valerio Pascucci


Before joining the University of Utah, I completed my Bachelors in Information & Communication Technology from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Gandhinagar, India. There, I was involved with the MAGNeT group in understanding the dynamics of ad-hoc networks.

My undergrad thesis was titled Application of QNA to analyze the ‘Queueing Network Mobility Model’of MANET, advised by Dr. RB Lenin. You may download my thesis (in IEEE 6-page format) here .

Some of the other important projects I did in my undergrad are as follows:

As a part of my curriculum at DA-IICT, I also completed 3 summer internships

Following is a list of some important technical and some very interesting non-technical courses I did at DA-IICT