Dr. Erik W. Anderson


Recent Research Projects

Multi-variate volume visualization

    Recent work in projective techniques coupled with multi-dimensional scaling is enabling new visualization paradigms.  Can we use these mechanisms to enhance various domain science analysis?

Cognitive Metrics in Visualization

    Scientific visualization is unquestionably an enabling technology to scientists in various disciplines.  However, there has been little work done to determine when various rendering techniques should be used to enhance the understanding of the data they represent... more

Interactive Query-by-Example

    Scientists examining data from experiments or simulation often look for specific features of interest within their data.  Much work has been done to extract and highlight features, but what happens when these techniques overlook specific features of interest to domain scientists...?  more


Public art installation - Pioneer Court Plaza, Chicago, IL

em:  eranders (at) sci.utah.edu

sm:  72 S. Central Campus Drive

        WEB Rm 3750

        Salt Lake City, UT


Research Interests

  1. Scientific Visualization

  2. Multi-variate volume rendering

  3. User-driven exploration

  1. Evaluation of visualization techniques

  2. Cognition in visualization

  3. Information theory in visualization

  1. Visualization Systems

  2. Provenance in visualization

  3. Teaching with provenance



  1. Claudio Silva, Utah-SCI

  2. Juliana Freire, Utah-SCI

  3. Gilbert Preston,

  4. Gustavo Nonato, USP-Brazil

  5. James Ahrens, LANL

  6. Jonathan Beezley, UC-Denver

  7. Steven Callahan, SDC

  8. Roni Chodhury, Utah-SCI

  9. Cat Chong, Barrows Institute

  10. Janice Cohen, NCAR

  11. Joel Daniels, Utah-SCI

  12. Tiago Etiene, Utah-SCI

  13. Salman Habib, LANL

  14. Katrin Heitmann, LANL

  15. Greg Jones, Utah-SCI

  16. David Koop, Utah-SCI

  17. Lauro Lins, Utah-SCI

  18. Jan Mandel, UC-Denver

  19. Phillip Mates, Utah-SCI

  20. Laura Matzen, SNL

  21. Kristin Potter, Utah-SCI

  22. Emanuele Santos, VisTrails Inc

  23. Carlos Scheidegger, AT&T Research

  24. Luiz Scheidegger, UFRGS-Brazil

  25. John Schreiner, SDC

  26. Jason Shepherd, SNL

  27. Huy Vo, Utah-SCI