Me and Stratego!

I am currently a Software Developer for the Scientific Computing and Imagine Institute at the University of Utah. I am currently working on a couple of projects. The first is Image Reconstruction for microscope scans that are too detailed to be able to be scanned all in one image. The second is a dashboard for large scientific data sets. Both are interesting projects that have pushed me to learn a number of new technologies.

I just graduated from the University of Utah in Computer Science, which has been my hobby since age 14. So it's nice to finally have a degree to prove my passion. As such, I have a few personal I'm working on along with my work projects. I'm almost finished with my MS degree in Image Analysis and am really excited for the doors that opens. I'm excited to put myself in a position to be a huge asset doing something I've loved to do for years.

My resume can be found here . I'm always willing to listen to creative or unique opportunities.