NIH/NSF Spring 2005 Workshop on Visualization Research Challenges
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NIH/NSF Spring 2005 Workshop on
Visualization Research Challenges

May 2-3, 2005

Workshop Slides and Materials

General Info NVAC Executive Summary [PDF]
May 2 Notes [DOC]
May 3 Notes [DOC]
Chris Johnson
SCI Institute
Introduction [PPT]
Ross Whitaker
SCI Institute
Biological Imaging [PPT]
Robert Moorhead
Mississippi State Univ.
Grand Challenges [PPT]
Daniel Keim
Univ. of Constance, Germany
Visualization and Data Mining [PPT]
William J. Schroeder
Kitware, Inc.
Funding Cycles, Visualization Is Thinking [PPT]
Jack van Wijk
TU Eindhoven
Vis for the Masses aka Vis for Mom & Pop [PPT]
Prof. Marti Hearst
Univ. of California, Berkeley
Tutorial: User Interfaces & Visualization for Information Access [PPT]
Elizabeth Bullitt
Univ. of North California, Chapel Hill
Visualization Challenges: Specific Medical Needs and General Problems [PPT]
Bill Lorensen
GE Global Research
Surgery, Cancer and CSI [PPT]
Helwig Hauser
VRVis Research Center
Thoughts on Medical Visualization - my 2 [Euro-]cents [PPT]
Tamara Munzner
Univ. of British Columbia
Overview [PPT]
Research Cycles [PPT]
Sensor and Log Data [PPT]
Notes [TXT]
Larry Rosenblum
National Science Foundation
Response [PPT]
Terry S. Yoo
VRC Government Liaison
Visualization for Healthcare: Combatting Cancer and Controlling Costs [PPT]