NIH/NSF Spring 2005 Workshop on Visualization Research Challenges
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NIH/NSF Spring 2005 Workshop on
Visualization Research Challenges

May 2-3, 2005

Workshop Chairs:

Chris R. Johnson
Director, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
Director, School of Computing, University of Utah

Penny Rheingans
University of Maryland Baltimore County, CSEE Department

Tamara Munzner
Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia

Government Liason

Terry S. Yoo
Project Head, HPCC, National Library of Medicine, NIH, DHHS

About the workshop:

It has been 17 years since the original NSF report "Visualization in Scientific Computing"(McCormick, DeFanti et al. 1987). In the intervening years, many of the grand challenges from those days have been addressed, and some of them have been answered. New frontiers likewise have grown up to take their place. Conferences have been formed and thrive, seminal algorithms have appeared and matured, and software and networking systems have been exploded beyond the imaginations of the attendees of the original panel. Great changes have taken place, and hardware for visualization has become nearly ubiquitous. We are at a crossroads, and new vision is required.

The building of this new vision is the goal of the Visualization Research Challenges Workshop Series. This proposed meeting would be the second meeting in the series following the successful Fall 2004 Visualization Research Challenges Workshop, chaired by Drs. Robert Moorhead of Mississippi State University and Hanspeter Pfister of the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories. In the Fall workshop panelists helped to outline the past achievements in scientific, medical, and information visualization over the past 2 decades. We also began discussions on the future grand challenges for our field. These challenges are found not only in the traditional aspects/applications of scientific and medical visualization, but also in the emerging and developing areas of information visualization, large dataset management, new mathematical foundations, and non-traditional research avenues in perception, artistic representation, interaction, uncertainty, simulation, and other topics that are "out of the mainstream."

This second and final workshop is intended to conclude these explorations and deliberations and craft the structure for a report that may serve as a guidebook for future initiatives, outlining the immediate and long-range challenges for the discipline of visualization and its many related research areas, topics, and applications.

Prior to the workshop, the executive committee will circulate for comment a working document with suggested and proposed findings and recommendations for the panel. In lieu of position statements, we will be soliciting feedback from the panel on the draft document.

Workshop Organization:

This is the second of a two-workshop series. It is our intention over the two meetings to draft an updated report outlining the immediate and long-range challenges for the discipline of visualization and its many related research areas, topics, and applications.

The workshops are sponsored by a range of divisions, offices, institutes and directorates at the NIH and NSF. They have the generous support of non-profit and corporate contributors. The overall organization for the workshops are governed by the chairs who form the executive committee for the project, and the government liason, Terry Yoo (OHPCC/LHNCBC/NLM/NIH/DHHS).

Executive Committee:


  • Chris Johnson, University of Utah
  • Hanspeter Pfister, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
  • Robert Moorhead, Mississippi State University
  • Tamara Munzner, University of British Columbia
  • Penny Rheingans, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Workshop Participants:

  • Liz Bullitt - UNC-CH Neurosurgery
  • David Ebert - Purdue Univeristy
  • Thomas Ertl - University of Stuttgart
  • Steve Feiner - Columbia
  • Mike Halle - Harvard BWH
  • Pat Hanrahan - Stanford
  • Chuck Hansen - University of Utah
  • Helwig Hauser - VRVis Research Center
  • Chris Johnson - University of Utah
  • Ken Joy - UC Davis
  • Dan Keim - University of Konstanz
  • Bill Lorensen - GE CRD
  • Kwan Liu Ma - UC Davis
  • Alan MacEachren - Penn State
  • Robert Moorhead - MS State
  • Tamara Munzner - UBC
  • Stephen North - AT&T Research
  • Lucy Nowell - ARDA/NSA
  • Hanspeter Pfister - MERL
  • Penny Rheingans - UMBC
  • Will Schroeder - Kitware
  • Jarke van Wijk - TU Eindhoven
  • Matt Ward - Worcester Polytech
  • Turner Whitted - MSResearch

Federal Attendees:

  • Terry Yoo - NLM/NIH
  • Michael Ackerman - NLM/NIH
  • John Haller - NIBIB/NIH
  • Peter Lyster - NIGMS/NIH
  • Bruce Hamilton - NSF/Engineering
  • Larry Rosenblum - NSF/CISE
  • Maria Zemankova - NSF/CISE
  • Ephraim Glinert - NSF/CISE
  • Federica Darema - NSF/CISE