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FluoRender 2.15.1 ReleasedWe are happy to announce the 2.15.1 release of FluoRender. For details, check the release notes and download FluoRender at

Release Notes

FluoRender 2.15.1

This version fixed a bug in FluoRender 2.15, which wrote a blank frame when exporting movies in QuickTime MOV format. However, we also incorporated these new features and improvements:
1. Automated key generation for advanced movie making
2. A 10-bit output option for compatible professional graphics hardware (an AMD FirePro or Nvidia Quadro graphics card connected with a 10-bit capable LCD display via DisplayPort)
3. Antialiasing options for compatible graphics cards
4. Automatic cropping in movie making/image capturing
5. Minor UI improvements

For more details, please read FluoRender User's Guide, which can be accessed within FluoRender or downloaded along with FluoRender.

Thanks for your support of FluoRender!