postview PostView is a finite element post-processor that is designed to post-process the results from FEBio. It offers the user a graphical user interface to visualize and analyze the FE model.


Several tools are available to assist the user in this process, such as surface plots, isosurface plots, vector plots, plane cuts and several other. These tools can be used to visualize data such as displacements, velocities, strains, stresses and so on. Values at nodes and elements can be interrogated for a more detailed study. All data can be visualized as a time history using the TrackView tool. The Summary tool provides an overview of the averaged data of the entire model. PostView provides a Material Editor to modify the appearance of the model which can be used for customized visualziation. Additional visual realism can be added using transparency and shadows. Although PostView imports the data usually from an external database (such as TAURUS) it also provides a custom file format which is usefull for storing material data and GUI settings along with the model data. PostView also allows the user to take snapshots of the scene and save the image as a Bitmap or Tiff file.