3D Slicer and FiberViewer
fiberviewer 3D Slicer (www.na-mic.org) is an comprehensive, integrated, open-source environment for medical image visualization and analysis developed as part of the national alliance for medical image computing (NA-MIC) funded as a national center for biomedical computing (NCBC) through the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research. Slicer includes modules for segmentation, registration, diffusion tensor image (DTI) analysis, and many other features. In particular, the SCI institute has contributed modules for DTI analysis including regularization and smoothing. DTI analysis software from the NeuroLib library for neuroimage processing (www.ia.unc.edu/dev) such as FiberViewer has been made compatible with Slicer in order to allow an integrated analysis process. Clinical users are able to load diffusion weighted images into Slicer to perform preprocessing, tensor estimation, and fiber tracking. Data exported from Slicer can then be loaded into the FiberViewer tool to enable the study of diffusion statistics along fiber bundles of interest. This provides a complete environment for end users to process DTI data for clinical studies.