BioMesh3D & BioMesh3D Client

BioMesh3D is a tetrahedral mesh generator, that is capable of generating multi-material quality meshes out of segmented biomedical image data. The BioMesh3D program uses a particle system to distribute nodes on the separating surfaces that separate the different materials and then uses the TetGen software package to generate a full tetrahedral mesh. BioMesh3D is currently integrated with SCIRun and uses the SCIRun system to visualize the intermediate results.

BioMesh3D Client is a light weight application that guides the user through the process of building a tetrahedral mesh based on a labelmap that the user has to provide. As the recipe for building a quality mesh requires a lot of computation, this application allows the user to connect to the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institutes' servers for doing the meshing. Hence this package only contains an interface to connect to this remote server.

Acknowledgement: BioMesh3D is an Open Source software project that is principally funded through the SCI Institute's NIH/NIGMS CIBC Center. Please use the following acknowledgment and send us references to any publications, presentations, or successful funding applications that make use of NIH/NIGMS CIBC software or data sets.

 "This project was supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under grant number P41GM103545."

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BioMesh3D and BioMesh3D Client are available for free and open source under the MIT License

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