The local airport is theĀ Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), about 29 miles from Snowbird (40-45 minutes driving distance). It's a relatively small airport with only two terminals. Most of the transportation is available right at the exit from the airport. There are many modes of transportation available from the airport to the city e.g. public transport (buses), shared shuttle, taxis etc.

  • Easiest of all available transportations is the taxis though they are also the most expensive one. Taxis are available pretty much all the time, and do not require prior reservation. Some of the popular taxi services are Yellow Cab (801-521-2100), City Cab (801-330-5550). Average fare from airport to the snowbird is approximately $70 (with 15% tips) which may not be very expensive if 3-4 people share it.
  • Shared shuttles (Express shuttle) requires prior reservation and may not service all the areas. Check if shuttle goes from airport to the snowbird.
  • The Snowbird resort (see registration page) offers discounted rates to all attendees for ground transportation to/from the SLC Airport,
    through Canyon Transportation, at $64 roundtrip per person.
  • The shared vans by ALL RESORT EXPRESS offers special rate of $29 per person each way. Reservation can be done on-line or using this Reservation Form. [PDF] [DOC]