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Dr. Pascal Goffin

Dr. Pascal Goffin - Postdoctoral Fellow

WEB 2851
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advisor Dr. Miriah Meyer


I received my PhD in computer science from Université Paris-Saclay in 2016, where I worked with Jean-Daniel Fekete and Petra Isenberg on how to integrate small data-driven visualizations (word-scale visualizations) into text.
Before that I studied Computer Science at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Current Responsibilities

I mainly work on NIH's PRISMS project which is about "developing sensor-based, integrated health monitoring systems for measuring environmental, physiological, and behavioral factors in pediatric epidemiological studies of asthma", and the AQ and U project which is about understanding air quality in urban environments.

Research Interests

  • Information Visualization
  • HCI
  • Digital Humanities
  • Design Studies