Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing

clearview vishuman1 001
Figure from T. Fogal and J. Krüger, a Clearview rendering of the visible human male dataset
Attempting to display the entirety of a large volumetric dataset at one time would result in an overwhelming amount of information. Furthermore, visualization tools based on volume rendering present the user with a host of confusing options. We present ClearView, which provides a simplified volume visualization tool with a focus on doing what matters most: looking at your data. Users frequently want to direct the viewer's attention to a particular region of their volumes. With many volume rendering tools, this means setting up complex transfer functions to highlight the region of interest, with the unfortunate side effect of potentially affecting the larger image. ClearView allows the user to focus their visualization efforts on the area of their choice, while separating parameters for visualizing of surrounding data. This provides not only a simplified user interface, but finer-grained control over the final publication-quality visualization. Through advanced GPU rendering techniques, ClearView presents all of this to the user at highly interactive frame rates.