Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing

The SCI Institute is proud to announce the availability of SCIRun on the Silicon Graphics PrismTM visualization system. The combination of large memory, parallel CPUs and advanced graphics capabilities on the Silicon Graphics Prism provide an ideal platform for the SCIRun problem solving environment. The modular nature of the Silicon Graphics Prism allows scaling to meet the computational needs of the most demanding SCIRun users.

Using SCIRun's advanced volume rendering PowerApp 'BioImage' we are able to fully exploit the powerful graphics capabilities of the Prism system. The combination with BioImage, the Prism's graphics capabilities and a 64-bit architecture allow for interactive visualization of very large datasets.
scirun-vertThe SCI Institute proudly releases SCIRun version 1.2.0. In direct response to feedback from program users and collaborators, this version contains several new features.

New Features of SCIRun v1.2.0

  • Dynamic Compilation and Loading
  • PETSc SLES support
  • Disjoint package builds
  • Improved Documentation

Dynamic Compilation and Loading

DCL provides dynamic compilation of algorithms in SCIRun which reduces compile-to-experiment time. Often called deferred compilation, the templated C++ code in SCIRun now compiles only when you use it.

map3d-5-2map3d is a scientific visualization application developed at the Nora Eccles Harrison Cardiovascular Research and Training (CVRTI) and the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI) at the University of Utah. The original purpose of the program was to interactively view scalar fields of electric potentials from measurements and simulations in cardiac electrophysiology. Its present utility is much broader but continues to focus on viewing three-dimensional distributions of scalar values associated with an underlying geometry consisting of node points joined into surface or volume meshes.